[VIDEO] Raising the Engagement Bar

By Robin Lines

How Can You Raise the Engagement Bar?

In this video, we take a close look at People Engagement: What it is, why it’s important and how leaders can improve their engagement levels.

In this short-form presentation, we will cover the following areas:

  • Is People Engagement the ‘Holy Grail’ of Leadership?
  • What is the Difference Between Engagement and Satisfaction?
  • Statistical Analysis of UK Engagement Levels
  • Measuring Engagement
  • How to Improve Engagement through Reward, Acknowledgement, Communication and Compassion
  • Why You Should Celebrate Success
  • How to Learn More About Your People and Take an Interest
  • Make People Enjoy Coming to Work
  • How to Have the Difficult Conversations

Robin Lines Associates offers a variety of Leadership and People Management training programmes, tailored to the needs of your business and focused on delivering realistic, measurable improvements. To learn more, please feel free to Contact Us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Robin Lines

Robin Lines

Professional Services Consultant

I'm a highly experienced, versatile and dynamic training facilitator and business coach, dedicated to assisting leaders in helping their people achieve their potential and realise goals. I also deliver a range of Consultative Selling and Key Account Management programmes, equipping salespeople with the skills, tools and methodologies to help them win and outsell their competition.


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