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Cultural Change

Robin Lines Associates understands that the culture of a business can sometimes need realigning or overhauling. Business, like everything in our world, is constantly evolving. Changes occur and sometimes they can catch you unaware. To succeed in business, it is imperative that an organisation continues to evolve and adapt to changes at all levels.

Cultural Change

Adapt, Evolve, Achieve

We can assist your business in outlining, developing and achieving a new strategic vision, help facilitate transformation initiatives through a process of recognising the place of cultural change in business and define or redefine your business culture with regards to cultural influencers.

Change for a Globalised Marketplace

You may want to initiate a Cultural Change programme due to the globalised marketplace and a desire to effect a cross-border business culture that defines your business image and brand on an international level, while also serving to drive progress and growth. With our experience working across the world, from North America to Asia, we can assist you in these goals.

International Experience

We will provide your people with all the information, resources and tools that they require to understand the importance of culture in business, so that they may consider the values and beliefs of individuals and groups, how such values inform business decisions at every level, and so that they may develop confidence and a desire to be involved in practical actions that will transform your business from the current to the desired cultural state.

Tailored Solution

Calling upon our years of experience, as well as our knowledge of all modern training methods, we will then develop a training solution tailored specifically to you.


Try Our Three Stage Process

Research & Analysis

We spend some time within your business, understanding its people and culture. By talking with and observing your people in action, we start working on an approach that suits you.


We'll go over our findings with you and suggest a plan of action, according to your needs and budgets. Using the knowledge we've gained from your business, we'll tailor our suggestions to fit naturally with your organisational culture.

Execute & Monitor

We'll deliver the programmes you've agreed to on time and to schedule. You'll be kept up-to-date every step of the way and we'll also monitor your people's ease with our content, further tailoring the programme if required.

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