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Leadership and Sales Training in the New Normal

The skills that got businesses where they were at the start of the year might not be enough to take us through into the next one.

Practising Your Virtual Selling Approach

While many of the skills of salespeople translate well to a world of Zoom and Teams, some adjustments need to be made to effectively sell remotely.

Building Your Business Relationships Online

Businesses need to cultivate and develop new relationships to succeed, and more than ever, that development needs to be conducted virtually.

Three Tips for More Successful Online Meetings

While businesses continue to make video conferencing part of their normal routine, we look at three ways to make your meetings more successful.

From Sceptic to Believer: Remote Training and the ‘New Normal’

It's fair to say I was sceptical about remote coaching but over the past few months', I have become a believer in its ongoing potential.

Restarting and Rebuilding Post-COVID

While we're still not quite back to normal yet, more businesses are able to re-open and plans need to be made to move forward post-COVID.

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