Business Development

Robin Lines Associates has a long history of helping businesses reach their long-term goals. Whereas our sales training courses are designed to help your business generate more leads and close more sales with the end user, our business development courses are designed to be a more comprehensive solution for when businesses need to develop and implement growth opportunities both internally and externally.

Business Development

The Solution That’s Right For You

We will work with your business, take time to understand your situation, your short and long-term ambitions and develop a programme from the ground up that will see your business grow and develop in the way that is right for you. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, implement a prospecting strategy, or develop your people’s skills, we’ll make sure you get the support you need.

I really enjoyed working with Robin, he has great ability in understanding your requirements and this includes challenging thought process, to ensure the brief is very clear.

David Yearsley

Managing Director, Give as you Live Ltd

Finding Opportunities and Building Relationships

Our courses are designed to help your business develop new opportunities and foster new relationships. We aim to provide you and your people the skills and techniques they need to thrive, while showing a tangible ROI.
A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions
Whether communicating new products or services to potential customers, developing new or more effective marketing literature, planning and preparing presentations using tools such as PowerPoint, or providing better feedback to management, we are positive that we can develop the correct programme for you and implement it either through specific training days, or by working closely with you to develop an in-house, ongoing training solution.

The Support You Need at the Speed You Need It

We will take the time to understand your business, your current needs and your long-term goals. Calling upon our years of experience, as well as our knowledge of all modern training methods, we will then develop a business development solution tailored specifically to you.

Our Three Stage Process

Research & Analysis

We spend some time within your business, understanding its people and culture. By talking with and observing your people in action, we start working on an approach that suits you.


We'll go over our findings with you and suggest a plan of action, according to your needs and budgets. Using the knowledge we've gained from your business, we'll tailor our suggestions to fit naturally with your organisational culture.

Implement & Monitor

We'll deliver the programmes you've agreed to on time and to schedule. You'll be kept up-to-date every step of the way and we'll also monitor your people's ease with our content, further tailoring the programme if required.


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