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Customer Service Skills
An unhappy customer is significantly more likely to voice their displeasure with a business. In the Social Media Age, an angry customer’s grievances can reach thousands of potential customers within minutes. At Robin Lines Associates, we understand that it’s vital for your customers’ questions and concerns to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Customer Service Skills

Turn Negatives Into Positives

Life is too busy to be spending hours on the phone with companies, but so many of us do. We do because Customer Service often fails to address our concerns and queries adequately. Our approach to Customer Service is one in which the customer feels valued and who speaks highly of an organisation’s ability to fix their problems.

Understanding the Concern

Our research shows that the vast majority of negative engagements with Customer Services are due to a failure of the organisation’s representative to understand the customer’s issue. Our programme is customer-focused, ensuring that your people are trained to listen to the customer’s pain and respond empathetically┬áto their need.

Building Trust

It takes very little to erode trust in the relationship between customer and business. A customer who feels they have been cheated, kept in the dark or otherwise disrespected will quickly look to jump ship. However, a customer who feels encouraged by your approach in tackling their problems is more likely to stick around because they will have confidence in your ability to handle future problems.

Stop Getting it Wrong

Some of the most substantial Customer Services expenses come from just getting it wrong. Using the wrong language, addressing the wrong concern, offering the wrong solution, etc. If your customers are seeking new paths because of their experiences with your Customer Service team, you are getting it wrong. We’ll help you put it right.

Customer Service Skills

Sample Programme

Our Customer Service skills programmes are tailored to your business and its needs, just like we believe you should tailor your Customer Service approach to your customers. Whether you’re dealing with customers via phone, email, or face-to-face, we can show you the best ways to address your customers’ concerns, tackle their problems, rebuild trust and use a negative experience as a foundation for future business.

This is an example of a Customer Service programme we recently ran for an industrial component supplier.

Why is Exceptional Customer Service Vital in Today's Marketplace?

  • What do our customers expect?
  • How well do we satisfy these expectations?
  • What are the consequences of poor customer service? What are the benefits of exceptional customer service?
  • What do we do well?
  • What do we need to improve upon?
  • What does exceptional customer service look, feel and sound like?

Telephone Communication Skills

  • Building a rapport over the phone
  • Structuring telephone conversations
  • Questioning and Qualification skills to understand customer requirements/issues
  • Resolving issues and taking ownership

Complaint Handling

  • Turning complaints into opportunities
  • How to deal with angry customers and de-escalate confrontations
  • Being Accountable
  • Group Work and Role Plays


  • Setting Goals and being Positive
  • Developing Confidence
  • Time Management – Key Tips


Try Our Three Stage Process

Research & Analysis

We spend some time within your business, understanding its people and culture. By talking with and observing your people in action, we start working on an approach that suits you.


We'll go over our findings with you and suggest a plan of action, according to your needs and budgets. Using the knowledge we've gained from your business, we'll tailor our suggestions to fit naturally with your organisational culture.

Execute & Monitor

We'll deliver the programmes you've agreed to on time and to schedule. You'll be kept up-to-date every step of the way and we'll also monitor your people's ease with our content, further tailoring the programme if required.

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