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Presentation Skills Training

At Robin Lines Associates, we understand that even having the best ideas isn’t always enough. Whether you’re giving a Keynote Speech, using PowerPoint, meeting with a client, or talking on the phone, the way you present your information is paramount. We have developed an in-depth programme to make sure you make the best impression possible.

Presentation Skills

Your Ideas Deserve the Best

No matter your field, Robin Lines Associates can develop a bespoke Presentation Skills Programme for you and your people that will wow audiences, entertain clients, and most importantly, ensure that your crucial information is imparted in a professional and memorable way. Many clients add Presentation Skills as part of a Sales Training programme.

Personal Presentation

It’s not just about having the right look. You need to make sure your body language is saying the right thing. We’ve worked with experts in the field of interpersonal communications to develop a programme that encourages your people to show authority and confidence in the way they stand and how they move.

Speaking Voice

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Do you ‘um’ and ‘err’? Do you trip over words? Do you get flustered? Whether you’re speaking to a group of people in person, or on the phone, those slight hesitations give the wrong vibe. We’ll teach you to speak with confidence and authority, to control the conversation, cut out the hesitation and sell your ideas to your clients.

Presentations Don't Need to be Boring

We’ve all sat through a dull presentation with a monotone speaker clicking through slides. The most memorable presentations are interactive, engaging and exciting. We’ll teach you how to up your PowerPoint game, and create vibrant presentations that invite audience participation. The more engaged your audience, the better the information will stick.

See Yourself as Others See You

How do great sportspeople enhance their game? They watch themselves in action. Our courses emphasise the importance of self-analysis to coach yourself to be better. We use a combination of video, voice recordings and group critique to help people identify areas that need work and turn weaknesses into strengths.

Presentation Skills

Sample Programme

We regularly deliver Presentation Skills programmes. Our programmes are designed for the specific organisation we’re working with and tailored to their individual circumstances. This is an agenda from a recent workshop we ran for an electronics vendor.

Our Presentation Skills programmes can also include group presentations, meeting skills, public speaking skills and one-on-one relationships. Whatever area you need help with, we can find the right solution for you.

Preparation and Planning

  • Knowing Your Audience
  • Tailoring Your Message
  • Knowing Your Objectives

Essential Presentation Skills

  • Projecting Authority and Confidence
  • Voice, Variation and Tone
  • Pausing, Phrasing and Pacing
  • Image and Body Language
  • Movement and Hands
  • Eye Contact
  • Making Your Presentations Engaging

Presentation Structure

  • Making a Strong Start/Having an Attention Grabber
  • Having a Story – Beginning, Middle and End
  • Having a Summary and Conclusion
  • Dealing with Questions from the Audience

Visual Aids

  • How to Use PowerPoint Effectively to Support Your Presentation

Nerves and Self-Confidence

  • How to Use Your Nerves to Your Advantage
  • Tips to Look Confident and Project Credibility
  • Mental and Physical Rehearsal

Presenting to Large Groups

  • Tips and Techniques to Present Confidently to Larger Groups


Try Our Three Stage Process

Research & Analysis

We spend some time within your business, understanding its people and culture. By talking with and observing your people in action, we start working on an approach that suits you.


We'll go over our findings with you and suggest a plan of action, according to your needs and budgets. Using the knowledge we've gained from your business, we'll tailor our suggestions to fit naturally with your organisational culture.

Execute & Monitor

We'll deliver the programmes you've agreed to on time and to schedule. You'll be kept up-to-date every step of the way and we'll also monitor your people's ease with our content, further tailoring the programme if required.

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