Simplified Privacy Policy

We respect your data and your privacy. Beneath this notice is a detailed explanation of how we use your data.

In simple terms, we will only use data that you provide to us for the explicit purpose you have provided it.

Commenting and Contact

If you leave a comment on one of our blog articles, we ask for three pieces of data:

  • Your name. This doesn’t need to be your real name. You are free to use a handle or pseudonym, and we recommend that you do not use your full name. This will appear with your comment.
  • Your email address. This is to protect our blog from spam. Unfortunately, websites such as ours are prime targets to be hit with spam comments. We ask for your email address to aid us in moderating the comments. Users who have several approved comments under the same email address will be added to a whitelist. You are under no obligation to provide a legitimate email address, however, and can enter whatever you like. However, obvious fake email addresses may be taken as spam, either by our automated software (Akismet) or by ourselves on review. It will also make it difficult for you to remove your comment from our website in future, as will struggle to verify ownership of the comment. We would recommend that you use a secondary email address with a non-identifiable address to protect your privacy.
  • Your comment. This is what you wish to say.

We will NEVER use the email address you supply to contact you directly UNLESS you specifically tick the box to enable notifications. These notifications are entirely automated and will include information on how to unsubscribe. If you wish for any comment you have made to be deleted and for us to stop storing the email address you provided, please contact us, using the email you have provided.

Should you contact us requesting information about one of the services we offer, we ask you to provide us with a name and contact information (email and telephone). We will only store and use that data while necessary to discuss your requirements and/or provide you with a service. With your agreement, we may store your data so that we can follow up at a later date. We do NOT pass your data on to third parties without your explicit consent, nor will we add you to any mailing lists.

If we have had no contact with you in three months and you have not indicated you would like a follow-up conversation, then we will delete your data. You can always contact us again in the future if you wish. In the event you wish us to delete your data sooner, please contact us.


We no longer use Google Analytics to measure traffic to this website and therefore no advertising or tracking cookies will be installed.

We use CloudFlare in order to provide security for our website and improve the user experience. CloudFlare will install two cookies

  • __cfduid is used to provide security features to this website by identifying potentially risky web traffic. You may be asked by CloudFlare to complete a Captcha request if the network you are on has previously been used to launch attacks against other websites. This can occur, for example, if you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or are accessing this website from a shared connection. This cookie will expire after 1 year.
  • DYNSRV is a cookie installed by CloudFlare in order to balance requests across multiple servers to improve speed and efficiency in serving pages to the user. This cookie will expire once the session is complete.

In addition to the CloudFlare cookie’s, a cookie_notice_accepted cookie will be installed if you accept our cookie notice. The expiry time for this cookie is one month. The purpose of this is cookie is to allow the site to see that you have already read our cookie notice recently and to not display it again for the time being.

Additionally, we use third-party products including Social Network buttons and widgets and RSS feed management tools (Feedburner). Should you make use of any of these functions offered by these products, some of the personal data you hold with the relevant service provider may be used in order to provide the requested functionality. We do not receive any of this data ourselves and have no means of storing or processing it. We would ask that you refer to their own Privacy Policies regarding how they process your data.

We sometimes embed content from third-party sources, such as YouTube. When you view this content, you are doing so as if the content is hosted on their site. If you have any concerns about your privacy we would ask that you do not view this content before visiting the relevant Privacy Policy hosted by the content provider.

If you leave a comment on our website, a third cookie will be installed

Your Security

We make every attempt to protect the data we hold. Access to the administration sections is protected by two-factor authentication (2FA) and is limited to the Data Controller and employees of Robin Lines Associates.

Information that you have supplied to us is only held for as long as it is necessary to provide our services to you. Access to that information is restricted to employees of Robin Lines Associates, is never accessed from shared or insecure machines or public networks. We use strong passwords, 2FA and encryption to protect your data.

In the event of a data breach, we will inform anyone whose data we suspect may have been compromised immediately.

Further Information

A detailed Privacy Policy can be found below. This Privacy Policy outlines each tool and application, what they are used for, what information they may collect if you choose to engage with them and links to relevant Privacy Policies held by third parties.

We would like to reiterate that unless you choose to tell us who you are, we do not know who you are and will make absolutely no attempt to deanonymize you.

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