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Key Account Management

Robin Lines Associates has helped many organisations across a variety of sectors implement Key Account Management (KAM) strategies to leverage the value of existing relationships. Our programmes cover the essential components of KAM, from identifying Key Accounts to equipping your people with the skills necessary to leverage these unique clients as part of a long-term business strategy.

Key Account Management

Sales, But Not As We Know It

Unlike traditional sales, Key Account Management requires significant investment to yield potential returns. We will show you how to minimise the risks by structurally reorganising your business to streamline management of your Key Accounts and maximise the account’s value.

A Potent Blend

Key Account Management blends high-performance sales skills with account management techniques to forge mutually beneficial relationships between your organisation and your most valuable clients.

From Preparation to Implementation

Ensuring your business is ready to implement KAM is vital to success. We can undertake a top-down evaluation of your organisation to ensure that every part of your business is ready to play its role in securing the maximum possible returns of a Key Account Management strategy.

Fully Comprehensive, Bespoke Solutions

Once your organisation is ready, we will proceed with a fully bespoke and comprehensive training programme to give your people the skills they need to seize upon opportunities, provide the right solutions and position your organisation as the go-to supplier for the clients identified as Key Accounts.

Key Account Management

Sample Programme

We regularly deliver Key Account Management programmes. Our programmes are designed for the specific organisation we’re working with. This is an example of a recently delivered programme to a pharmaceutical company.

Our Key Account Management programmes can also include Team Selling Skills, Closing, Challenger Selling, Customer Service Skills and are usually highly interactive including roleplays and real-world experience of KAM.

Key Challenges of Developing Key Accounts

  • What is a Key Account?
  • What Do Our Key Customers Expect from a Key Account Manager?

Principles of Key Account Management

  • Targeting the Right Accounts
  • Understanding Our Clients’ Needs
  • Identifying Key Stakeholders
  • Building Relationships
  • Positioning Yourself as a Trusted Advisor

Competitive Strategy

  • Identifying Your Differentiators
  • Selling Against Competition

Understanding the Buying Process

  • Understanding Where the Buyer is in the Process
  • Building Urgency to Clinch the Deal
  • Influencing the Client

Mapping the Account

  • The Importance of Mapping
  • Developing Key Account Plans
  • Applying Key Account Plans


Try Our Three Stage Process

Research & Analysis

We spend some time within your business, understanding its people and culture. By talking with and observing your people in action, we start working on an approach that suits you.


We'll go over our findings with you and suggest a plan of action, according to your needs and budgets. Using the knowledge we've gained from your business, we'll tailor our suggestions to fit naturally with your organisational culture.

Execute & Monitor

We'll deliver the programmes you've agreed to on time and to schedule. You'll be kept up-to-date every step of the way and we'll also monitor your people's ease with our content, further tailoring the programme if required.

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