If you aspire to be great at something, you need to spend time developing your skills, learning new things and practicing whenever possible. None of this is possible without an inherent determination to succeed.

When considering what makes a great salesperson, you should consider the following four questions.

What Makes You Special?

What sets your business apart from others? What do you offer that nobody else can do? Why should somebody place their faith in you to deliver the solution?

Unless you stand out, then you disappear in the market place. You need to build the value in your products/services, your company and its culture, and yourself.

Have You Decided to be a Winner?

World-class footballers endeavour to be the greatest they can be. They don’t rest on their laurels and expect greatness. Likewise, world-class salespeople make a conscious decision to be outstanding.

While skills can be taught and inherent talents nurtured, it’s the appetite and determination to succeed that separates the average from the good, and the good from the great. Most importantly, those who decide to be winners have a clear picture of what winning looks like. They consider the steps needed to reach their destination, and plan how to get there.

Are You Credible?

Selling is more than a knowledge of products and services. You need to know your competitors and your customers. A great salesperson is an enthusiast who is passionate about their industry.

People want to feel reassured that you’re knowledgeable and an authority in your market. Be prepared and ready to demonstrate those credentials.

Do You Sell Solutions?

Customers don’t really want to talk to salespeople. From door-to-door vacuum cleaner salespeople to telemarketers, to aggressive hard-sellers, people have heard it all and they’re fed up with it.

Stop pitching your products and services, and instead, pitch solutions. Use questions to understand the problem. Probe, explore then match the problem to your solution. Ask your customer what they want to achieve, and don’t be too hasty to offer a solution until you fully understand the problem.


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