While there is still some way to go before all businesses can fully re-open, many business leaders will be cautiously optimistic that they will be able to properly re-open soon. As more non-essential companies have been given the green light, there is hope that trading conditions may become more favourable and that there will be an uptick in new and returning customers.

To hit the ground running, businesses will need to show that they have adapted to the changes and prove that they’re in a position to serve their customers’ needs.

Reassure Your Customers

Your customers need to know your position, particularly if COVID had a significantly detrimental impact on your business. If yours was one of the unfortunate companies that had to basically shut up shop and ride out the height of the pandemic, then it’s time to start reaching out directly to your customers. With any luck, you’ve dropped them a few notes to keep them up-to-date with what’s going on, informed them of any delays or difficulties you’ve been having, and given them a timeframe for restarting. Now is the time to make sure they know you’re ready to serve them again, and if not quite now, when.

If you’ve not kept your customers up-to-date, then you face an uphill challenge—although not a serious one. As soon as possible, start reaching out.

Find Out What Your Customers Need

Your customers might have different priorities to those they did a few months’ ago. Now is a great time to find out where your customers stand and what their immediate concerns are. Look for ways that you can add value to their business. Those relationships that you have spent so long in cultivating over the years are vital, both to you and them. Proving that your business is as dependable as it has always been in the past will help ensure that trust levels remain high.

Send the Right Marketing Messages

With the above in mind, emphasise ‘working together’ during the coming months. You’ve almost certainly encountered similar messaging in adverts and social media posts recently. It’s because not feeling like you’re alone matters as much to a company as it does to an individual. As we’ve had to fall back on our own support networks on a personal basis, we’ll need to develop our support networks on a business basis. Positioning yourself as a company willing to work hard for its customers, to support them and ensure their success will ultimately ensure yours.

Continue to Offer Digital Options

Zoom, Teams and other virtual conferencing solutions have never been more popular. Although it’s likely that over time, business and customers will move back to the “old normal” of in-person meetings, in the immediate term, there may still be some reluctance. COVID continues to pose a risk, and some people are naturally more cautious than others.

Furthermore, some people will have found the move to digital a refreshing change of pace. There is likely to be an increased appetite from customers to handle meetings online where possible. For that reason, continuing or developing more flexible communication options now stands you in good stead for the future.

When You Must Meet In-Person, Safety First

We are going to see a lot of new safety measures on business premises for the foreseeable future. Hand sanitisation stations, face masks, reminder posters. Make sure that your business is not only showing common sense by taking necessary precautions but is proudly presenting itself as such. Ensuring that your customers know that you care about your people and clients, you will present your business in a favourable light.


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